Even as a little girl I was asked "If you had a lot of money where would you spend that money?" Having been born in the former Soviet Union and growing up in Ukraine I saw lots of very needy people, my family included. Because of that, I would always answer the question by saying: "I would give that money to help those in need."

Now, even though I don't have a lot of money, I continue praying for those who are in need across the world, always asking: How can I help more?

With the situation that is currently going on in Ukraine as well as other places throughout the world, the number of people who are in need keeps growing. 10% of every photo shoot that I do, goes directly into the hands of those in need. Buying necessary supplies and other life essentials for those who do not have enough.

The cost-of-living in Ukraine for a family of three is just $4.00 per day. That means, every dollar that we give saves a life.

Together, we will not only have an amazing photo shoot with beautiful pictures, but we can help save the families who are in need. Even if we never meet but you are reading these words, please pray for Ukraine and those across the world who are in need!!!

Much love and aloha to all,

Lena Evanko Photography and Events